The Paint Tray: FEMbruary #2 and other works

It’s Sunday! And what do I have for you this week?…Hmmmm…

So I will start off with the 2nd FEMbruary mini in my painted set… She is a spunky 80’s inspired girl, that fits into the overall Cyberpunk feel that I chose. My favourite part….The Boots!

Without further ado, meet….Annie

Like Sylvia, she was a Grenadier figure in their Future Warriors pack. The pack can be purchased at

My next reveal is a biggie! The Bad Squiddo archers and fanatics are painted! Although, in all honesty, there is a pack still waiting on the paint tray to be cleaned, based and painted but they will be revealed hopefully some time in the coming week. The leader is still a WIP but is good for the planned game and will finish her off with the shield maidens.

The figures are from Bad Squiddo’s Shield Maiden range. As believable female figures, they work really well.

Looking forward to playing in a Ravenfeast battle with them!

So let me know what you think in the comments and tell me what you have been painting this week

Take care and Stay safe


9 thoughts on “The Paint Tray: FEMbruary #2 and other works”

  1. Ditto what John says, you have been busy this FEMbruary! Good to see some interesting colours that are not khaki or drab for a change.
    My FEMbruary candidates are just that, khaki, olive drab wΓ­th a little hint of fiery red.

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    1. I have 2 more minis for FEMbruary waiting in the wings for the rest of the month πŸ™‚ Interestingly, women of the period did have colourful dress as they could make pigments or if they had money, they had their outfits made for them. The brighter the pigment, the richer they were


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