The Paint Tray: FEMbruary #2 and other works

It’s Sunday! And what do I have for you this week?…Hmmmm…

So I will start off with the 2nd FEMbruary mini in my painted set… She is a spunky 80’s inspired girl, that fits into the overall Cyberpunk feel that I chose. My favourite part….The Boots!

Without further ado, meet….Annie

Like Sylvia, she was a Grenadier figure in their Future Warriors pack. The pack can be purchased at

My next reveal is a biggie! The Bad Squiddo archers and fanatics are painted! Although, in all honesty, there is a pack still waiting on the paint tray to be cleaned, based and painted but they will be revealed hopefully some time in the coming week. The leader is still a WIP but is good for the planned game and will finish her off with the shield maidens.

The figures are from Bad Squiddo’s Shield Maiden range. As believable female figures, they work really well.

Looking forward to playing in a Ravenfeast battle with them!

So let me know what you think in the comments and tell me what you have been painting this week

Take care and Stay safe



The Skirmish: WW2 Hungarian vs Russian forces

This last Sunday, the mission was clear. Scout the castle, clear out the opposition and get to the any cost! My Hungarian forces against Pete’s Russians.

We chose to use Matt Moran’s rule set, Some Corner of a Foreign Field. This rule set is no longer available under it’s original name. It can now be purchased from Empress Miniatures as Danger Close. The rule set itself was quite complicated, in that you had to add up modifiers on a table provided and then depending on the action taken, your dice rolls either were added on or taken away to determine the success of your action. The modifiers were based on what that model did in its last actions. So if you moved, shot etc that affected your modifiers. Not the best if you have the memory of a goldfish 😅😅 Each model had 3 actions a turn. You could choose from move, go prone, stand up, aim, spot and shoot.

We each had 8 models, a leader, 2 elites and 5 troops. The leader and elites had a 4 strength and toughness, while the troops had 3. I set up on the left of the board, hiding in amongst the trees. Another quirk to the rule set was that if you didn’t use all of your actions for a model in a turn, you could save it to use on your next turn for that model as all strength 4 models were done first in order of who got initiative and then the 3s. So for instance, if a wall was a tall one, you would need 3 actions to climb it but if you used 2 actions to get to the wall, save 1 and then the next turn, use all 3 actions to climb the wall and go prone the other side as that was an extra action.

One of my cheeky Hungarians moved up slowly in cover and over a tall hedge and landed on the rubble of the castle wall. Result! Meanwhile, the remainder of my troops pushed forward in hopes of attacking the enemy as they too were sent to sweep and clear the castle. Having to add up modifiers and dice rolls meant that being spotted was a game of chance and many shots failed to hit their targets or produced either minor or serious injuries. Minor injuries got a yellow halo, while serious ones were taken off the table as unconscious. The rules were slightly unclear as what would happen to those models as they weren’t technically dead.

On the roll of a natural d20 in a shooting action, it was a straight up kill…. One Russian down 7 to go, if the game wasn’t won beforehand.

Fortunately, my rock climbing troop, continued up the rocks and found himself on the platform of the walkway to the castle. Before too long I was in the castle and at the top. The Russians hadn’t even got close. So another win for me!

In hindsight, perhaps an attacking and a defending force would have been a better set up for this rule set. Overall, I found that the rules were a bit too complicated for a skirmish game that was meant to be fast paced. You spent more time adding up than playing, which was a shame. However, as with everything, there were upsides too. The saving actions mechanic was worth mentioning and despite having to remember what you did last turn, your previous actions affecting your current turn was also good.

All the minis were from Pete’s extensive WW2 collection of various manufacturers.

This week was due to be a return to Ravenfeast with my new Squiddo models. However, Royal Mail decided to save up our bigger mail and delivered it on Monday morning in a large pile. So no models arrived in time.

That being said, they are now here, cleaned up, based and under coated, ready for painting for Sunday’s game. Watch The Paint Tray posts in coming days for their progress, as well as the next figure in the FEMbruary range.

What have you gamed this week? Let me know in the comments. Stay safe and well


The Paint Tray: FEMbruary figure

My first painting post is here! I have much to show you but all will be revealed soon.

As it is FEMbruary, I have chosen a few models to paint over the whole month. So once a week until the end of the month, I will paint and blog a female figure. They all have a cyberpunk feel and I’m pretty impressed by how the first has come out.

I have used a mix of Citadel and Vallejo paints and Army Painter washes. Based on a larger washer, topped with sprue pieces and a homemade mix of textured paint.

The model itself is an old Grendier figure. It came out of the Future Warriors range. Sculpted by Mark Copplestone. The figure can be purchased from

So without further ado, I present…. Sylvia.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

What have you been painting this weekend?

Take Care & Stay Safe


The University: This Semester

The pandemic has certainly caused huge issues with all education. Mine included. My course is run in 4 modules – 2 English and 2 History. We have gone from 2 hour lectures faced to face to 1 hour online. Huge sigh of despair. Up to now, I’ve worked on 19th century Britain in detail, 1500-1800 Early Modern Households, Modernism, Colonial Literature, Radical Cultures, Representing the past and more, Fiction, Film and Theory, Poetry and more. My brain hurts just thinking about it!

Going into Semester B, with the pandemic still making lives miserable, is not the easiest thing to be doing. Especially with decisions to be made and initial planning for dissertations as well as the actual work.

So, the subjects for this Semester are: Regional and Local History, Counter Cultures of the 60s, Children’s Literature and Postcolonial Literature.

My first inclination is to jump right into the Counter Cultures and Children’s Lit. They both interest me so much. Looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into them.

So the idea of blogging this semester and subsequent ones, is to share where my journey goes and what rabbit holes I fall into in the process. I am constantly finding things that I want to know more about during the research.

I will be reviewing books read for the English modules and sharing my thoughts on the books read for History.

Hope that sounds good to you. Looking forward to reading your comments.


The Skirmish: Vikings vs Vikings

On Sunday, Pete and I played our first game of LWTV (Little Wars TV) rule set – Ravenfeast.

It is a simple, quick and easy set of rules for inexperienced players and is a real entry point for anyone with an interest in wargaming in general.

Each of us had a Jarl, 3 Huskarls, a Berserker, 3 Bondi Archers and 4 Bondi. The Bondi are your typical infantry, right at the point of the battle. Your berserker is your mid-range fighter. The Huskarls are your elite option with the jarl as your leader. That being said, jarls typically lead from the front and are first into battle.

In this skirmish, I was defending and Pete was attacking. I had my 3d printed Viking hut in the centre of a village area and Pete came from over the hills to try and attack. We each set up 12in from each end of the board. I got the first round of initiative – the dice gods favoured me! I decided to let Pete set his army up first. I put my archers at first on the hill to my right to get the line of sight, even if I was out of range. I moved my Jarl and a Huskarl 6in to get closer to Pete’s band of Jarl and Huskarls that had sneakily tried to attack from my right and not over the hill.

While Pete put his Bondi archers and infantry on the hill, I hid a Huskarl and a Bondi behind a tree and moved forward up my left to attack his men from the left, while my Berserker and the rest of my Bondi went straight up the hill to attack. I quickly gained the advantage as my dice rolls still went my way. As each of Pete’s men fell, I consolidated my nearby fighters around each of the men on the hill. By bottom of turn 4, Pete had lost 90% of his forces, while I still had all of mine. In the final turn, Pete managed to kill my Berserker and one Bondi. He decided that he couldn’t continue. I had won the first game of Ravenfeast!

The miniatures used were from Gripping Beast miniatures and Plastics and possibly the odd Wargames Foundry model. All models were painted by Pete himself. Although in future battles, I will be using Bad Squiddo’s Sheildmaidens, painted by me. The Viking hut used was 3d printed on an Anycubic printer, cleaned up with Mr.Surfacer and then painted by yours truly. The other hut was made by Pete using mdf and painted.

So that’s my first skirmish report, hope you enjoy the battle and ultimately, enjoy your own.


And so the journey begins..

Hello world! This is a brand new adventure into the world of hobby gaming. This blog will chart the course of my highs and lows on the tabletop, the forces that battle my enemies and my first foray into creating my own concepts, scenarios and games.

I started playing Warhammer a little under 2 years ago. My LGS stocked it for the first time and I loved it from the off. With the help of friends, I created my first Kill Team list but 2 years on, I have a 6000pt army and a huge plastic crack addiction.

About a year ago, I went to my first megagame. Having been a history nerd from birth, I jumped at the chance to get stuck into historical battles. While I only watched from the sidelines, I knew that wargaming was in my future. Although the current pandemic has brought it to a grinding halt. The pandemic has given me the opportunity to explore and expand on some ideas for games that I would love to see played and be a part of.

A little about me.. I’m a BA (Hons) English and History mature student, currently in my second year with my final year fast approaching…eeek! My aim is to complete an MA in Librarianship and become an Academic Librarian. However, also continue my historical research into The Anarchy and other projects.

So for my first post, just wanted to say hi and welcome. Pull up a chair, bring a mug of tea and get involved with The Angrian War Room.

The Female Wargamer

No they are not a myth! We do exist!

Most women that have any interest in gaming are often sidelined because they are..women. Although the landscape is changing slightly, not a big enough gap exists for women to thrive in a hobby they enjoy or could enjoy more.

My aim is to show that there are women interested in Warhammer, tabletop gaming, historical gaming and more.